Mick Moloney and Athena Tergis – 03/23/16 – To be announced

Mick Moloney and Athena Tergis
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
7:30pm - All Ages
To be announced (map)
Other Info
One of the most knowledgable men in Irish music today, and certainly in the United States, Mick Moloney born in Limerick, Ireland and now out of Philadelphia, plays tenor banjo and mandolin and is a fine singer in the Irish tradition. Mick is a professor, musicologist and a National Heritage award winner. It has been over 10 years since Mick has played on a Tucson stage.
With Mick is a fine fiddler in the tradition, Athena Tergis. Athena will add to both the tunes and the vocals. Athena started by studying with Scotsman Alasdair Fraser and then continued to become a fine fiddler in both Irish and Scottish music. She has performed with Riverdance and with the newer version from Riverdance: Heartbeat of Home, and is a member of Mick's larger group, Greenfields of America.
Video and audio clips coming soon. By December 1, tickets will be on sale for this general admission show. Venue to be announced.

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